About Us

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
Firstly, we wish to introduce our self, my name is Djamillah binti Salmin Alyazidi, I born in Bumiayu on 18th April 1950. My mother is native Java and my father originated from Middle East. My husband is Drs. H.C. Najmuddin HS, M.H., he born in Sukabumi on 2nd May 1948. We wish to sharing our experiences in alternative medicine that we hope be useful and become an interest of all us. We welcome any corrections and suggestions because we have no any intent to make any instruction, but we invite you to joint us in look for a solution for the uncertainty we faced for years.

We like to delcare that in the alternative medicine where we involved for long time, firstly we will ascertain the condition of abdomen or stomach. Abdomen is key of healthiness of all our body, how torture we are if we had disease on abdomen or that typically called as maag (stomach disorder), so the physician forbid we to consume sauces, orange, and even sate (baked meat). So, why we do not remove the disease than the food that had made available to us by God? Thanks the God, we had medicine that will, in 15 minutes after eaten, make you can consume whatsoever kosher food according to your taste.
However, the kosher only is not enough. The foods we consume must also be thoyyiban or clear, full with nutrient, and free from chemicals.

The God orders the man to eat. This order is for interest of the men it self as his servants and we will damaged our self if we not obey the order. The foods we consume will be processed become substances that become a basic from which the God create the blood that drive all machines of our body such as Hearth or Cardiac, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Brain, and others. It means that quality of our blood and safety of our body machines is depending on whatsoever we consume.

Therefore, we recommended you to stop to consume MSG, preservative, and synthetic colorant, because they are the factors that caused the kidney failure and tumors. I Recommend whosoever to consume natural foods such as orange that original one, not only its aroma that produces synthetically. Then, if we need taste of meat of cow or chicken, use the water had previously used to boil the meat or bones; it is mach better because contenting more nutrient and delicious then using a trivial flavoring spices. In addition, use the spices that produced naturally. Do not be waste the life pharmacy that available in abundance in Indonesia. Among the lefs can be used a life pharmacy are daun alam (laurellike leaf used in cooking) that commonly used as anti diabetes, garlic as anti hypertension and infection, and others.

The best supplement food for vitality is honey (the original one, not the essence one); it had said in Koran and the honey can be directly absorbed without digesting by our body. Even for those suffer by chronic maag that become vomit and can not drink the water, please eat the honey, we may ascertain that you will not be vomit although your maag so severe.

Once the stomach proven to be in healty, we can begin with further medication program. Healthy live also must be programmed. We need a planning or concept to achieve our objective, the healthy. The content of the stomach must be in balance of a third water, a third solids and a third of gases. So it is important to eat regularly, at least at 07.00 for breakfast, 13.00 for lunch and 19.00 for dinner. In the interval between those times, you can eat the fruits. In particularly for those who had aged, it was not so good to consume so much food with high content of preservation and other chemicals; it is not so good for our body machines. There were no any fear for disease of diabetes, excessive cholesterol, cardiac disease, and others and there was no age limitation to consume the cheese, young sheep, dureen, and others if our body machines were in good condition. Those diseases occur because the toxic like as MSG, preserve, chemicals, and synthetic colorant present in our body that caused failure on our body machines so they could not to process kosher foods properly.

The failure of body machines, particularly stomach, not only caused the food can not be processed properly, but the medicines consumed for various diseases such as tumor, kidney disease, and others also can not be processed properly. It is the main source of failure in medication since whatsoever medicines consumed will be useless if they can not be accepted by stomach.
In medication pratice we carried out so long, since we previously ascertain healthy of the stomach, there were no any forbidden food to be eaten since the beginning of the treatment, so the patients will be vitalized because they feel in healthy.
Tanks to God because we also have medicines for diseases as tumor, tonsil, polyp, hemorrhoids, and even cancer, our medicine can to remove the roots of wild cells that life as parasite in our body. So the swollen that originally hard become soften, then smaller, and finally disappear after the root of wild cells removed by natural process in the body. When the swollen occur in the surface of the body, we can observe the process how it become smaller and finally disappear. The paint it causes also disappears. To ascertain the results of the medication, we always recommend the patient to make a diagnosis in laboratorium.

For example, in treatment of the tonsil and polyp, we do not remove it arbitrarily by surgery because it may danger the healthy and safety of the patient, but we look for the alternatif without surgery. The tonsil that positioned behind our mouth has function as a filter, so if the filter infected and swallowed, all the body will infected because foods filtered in the tonsil will be infected. According to our knowledge, the God created the tonsil because we need it as a filter so do not remove it but the infection and tanks God because we had found the medicine to remove the infection. It is also true for polyp that occurs because the cells that protect our mouth, nose, and produce the gland had grown and swollen by disease. Therefore, we must remove the disease so the swollen disappear and the cells in the nose function normally.

Any swollen in the body essentially similar with those cases, the differences only in its position so their names also different and called as ganglion if it occur in the hand or struma if it occur in the neck, hemorrhoid in the anus and all them were caused by food that not Thoyyban.

We have two ways for treatment of diabetes. First, we decrease sugar content of the blood by traditional medicine we formulated by our self and then we treat the machines, the pancreas and kidney. The diabetes occurs because pancreas can not produce insulin to converse the sugar become power. Therefore, the healthy men will increase its power if they consume the sugar. The medication had exist now only to reduce the sugar content of the blood without treating the machines, se this disease like as one that can not treated and present along the life. In addition to pancreas, we also treat the kidney because there is a possibility that diabetes cased by kidney that function as filter to separate the blood and urine.

We can treat and recover function of kidney because the medicine we formulated do not settled so it safe to consume even by a baby. We like to say that our younger patient is a baby 2 days old that suffer a tumor on its liver.
It is also true for other disease such as stone of kidney and blood washing. By the medicine we had discovered the stone might be removed in gradually together with urine. However, it is depend on the type of the stone, there is a type of stone that be removed as turbidity on the urine and other will be removed as chips of stone. The chips generally are sharp and removed out of the body together with blood but by our medicine, the damage caused by the chips also recovered. For blood washing, if it had carried out, we will not stop it abruptly, but gradually and we treat the kidney and when kidney function normally, the blood washing will be stopped.

For the treatment of prostate, our medicine will remove it gradually and removed it out of the body together with urine in a form of thin sheet of fat.

For rheumatics, we have medicine to treat bone cancer. The irritation and pain on our muscle, joints, and tissue will be removed by removing the disease that caused them. The diseases generally caused by and settlements or rust of the body in our term that caused by consuming the food that not Thoyyban. Our medicine can solve the rusts and recover the damage they caused so the tissue of the body will function normally.

We had found that hypertension was caused by two factors, the disease of the kidney and constriction of blood vessels. Therefore, we treat it by two ways. We treat it by treating the machines and solving the settlement that caused constriction of the vessel and we recommended the patient to consume papayas or boiled cucumber or Japanese cucumber. In addition, to decrease blood pressure, we recommend the patient to consume a type of tea but green in color, it is not from tea three and we name it as tea for hypertension. In addition, we also had tea that must be consumed like as coffee but not coffee because if had no coffee’s seeds at all and we named it as healthy coffee. For those who suffer hypertension that generally had difficulty for sleep, anxiety, by this coffee will easy to sleep and it safe for hearth, accepted by stomach and remove the pain in the muscle.

For the disease named as hepatitis or liver that can not yet recovered, we had a medicine. By the medicine we formulated, the hepatitis up to hepatitis C can be recovered. The success of our treatment was supported by increasing the patient likeness to survive that generated by treating their stomach. By treating the stomach, the patients will feel that they were not ill at all because there were no forbidden food for them. The ability of stomach to process all foods we consumed will produce high quality blood, both red for power and white one to attack the disease. What will be happen if the blood produced from foods that content formaline, colorant, preservation, and MSG and then enter the hearth to cause coroner, the brain to cause tumor and the liver to cause hepatitis and cancer.

For disease on women that in daily term called as “keputihan” (whiteness) that caused by infection or fungi or both we also had a medicine. Our youngest patient for this disease is a girl 5 years old that had suffer since she aged 3 years, but now had inhaled totally.

All the disease we suffer will make us not happy but weak, powerless and even may cause pessimistic on facing the world. It was faced also by the men who suffer impotency. Our treatment for this disease by looking for the factors that had caused the disease. Whether it caused by physical factor or psychic one. Therefore, we will not give our traditional medicine arbitrarily. We together must look for the cause and then make an appropriate treatment.

For treatment of HIV, we must state truly that we have no any planning to develop a medicine for this disease. All our experience in treating this disease originated from a child infected by HIV through blood transfusion. The parents of the child vein hope because the feel that live was not in justice. Then we try to treat it by medicine that originally used to treat blood cancer but with higher dosage. The medicine is sage not only for the sufferers but also for he healthy one and may function to generate the immune or prevention and without side effect and damages. In a sense, a blood cancer was a condition where the white blood (leukocyte) attacks the red blood. We did not in agreement with that sense, because in our believe, the God must not be create the bloods that may attacking each other. In our opinion, there must be a type of virus attack the HB and our medicine may kill it, so if we raised the dosage, the virus my be killed or at least weakened and finally we are success.
The God had promised that there is no disease without medicine so it was not justice to be in illness all along the life because it not yet discovered.

Here, we offer a solution, because the diseases are enemy, don’t be surrender to them. The disease not to be frightening but must be attacked and destroyed. We must declare a war with the disease, we will supply the ammunitions, and we must become the winners in war against the disease. In developing healthy we must remove the disease previously. As stated in Hadist that removing the evils must be carried out previously before carrying out the good one. Preventing the disease is a primary step in achieving healthiness that we need in carrying out our tasks in the world.
A truly fact in the live is that all of us are in busy to carry out what the God likes, may all of  us be like that. Amen.